With each sunset inSouthwest Louisiana, tears continue to spill from Abby Lee's heart, but she refuses to let the storms of life erode away her existence. It all began with the death of her husband a year ago, when he left behind a trail of lies and deceit the day his private plane went down.  After a year of self-pitty, she pulls herself from the abyss of dark depression and decides life is worth living.  Going into business in a predominantly male world is no easy feat, and she is forced to face trial after trial. Along the way she meets Tad West, her handsome, new neighbor.  She has vowed never to depend on anyone again, but when she faces the biggest storm of her life, she discovers she is glad to have someone to lean on for strength. Together Abby and Tad stand shoulder to shoulder when the tempest roars! 

Tempest Roars

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